Ronegga – Dancehall Mercenaire

By Gwadaiti
In Lokal
Mar 24th, 2024

Productions : Ride Di Vibes
Riddim : Basik Riddim
Release Date : March 29th 2024
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On March 29th, ‘Dancehall Mercenaire‘ by Ronegga will be released, the fourth track on the Basik Riddim which announces the full release of the riddim by the collective Ride Di Vibes.

Following the success of their latest single « Badness » by Badda General, which has recently surpassed the 2 million streams across all platforms, Ride Di Vibes is back in 2024 with the release of the « Basik Riddim. » This Dancehall instrumental, rooted in the purest Jamaican tradition, brings together the talents of seven renowned artists.

Deeply influenced by the authentic rhythms of the 90s that contributed to the global acclaim of this musical genre, Ride Di Vibes reconnects with the roots of Dancehall through a rhythm that is both danceable and catchy. The « Basik Riddim » boldly breaks away from contemporary trends that blend trap and dancehall, providing a pure and nostalgic sonic experience.

Ronegga unveils his latest single ‘Dancehall Mercenaire,’ paying homage to Jamaican clash culture through sharp flows and punchlines that will captivate fans of razor-sharp lyricism. This track, a staple of Ronegga’s live performances, is finally available as a single, showcasing his talent and dedication to the dancehall genre. It also serves as the herald for the full release of the riddim, available on March 29th.

Ride Di Vibes invites music enthusiasts to dive into this new sonic adventure and rediscover the authenticity of Jamaican Dancehall with the « Basik Riddim. »

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