Jamaican Greats

By Gwadaiti
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Nov 20th, 2017

Editor : DREAD Editions
Release Date : November 2017
Available on Amazon & Dread-Editions

10 PORTRAITS to draw the one of the boiling island of JAMAICA!

– BOB MARLEY, The Skipper
– LEWIS HUTCHINSON, First Serial Killer
– EDWARD SEAGA, Blind Man With A Pistol
– TACKY, Not Enough With You, Mr Long
– RYGHIN’, The Two-gun killer
– TREVOR WILSON, Johnny-too-bad
– MARCUS GARVEY, In His Own Land
– HENRY MORGAN, Sir Ain’t No Saint
– CLAUDIUS HENRY, The Repairer of the Breach
– YABBY YOU, Born Strange, Born Free

Beware! Jamaica is no fairy tale country. Lives down there can be great, bad or ugly – this is naked life! But one good thing about reading, when it hits, you feel no pain.
By Thibault EHRENGARDT, head of DREAD Editions, author of several books about Jamaica published in the Jamaica Insula series.

“A riveting and bewitching exposé of a high-voltage, complex society that intimidates, frightens, and fascinates. Rating: Essential.” G. Ashby, The Gleaner (Ja).

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