Mark Balet – Born To Love

By Gwadaiti
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Juil 30th, 2014


Productions : Eternel Music / VPAL
Release Date : Jul 15, 2014
Available on Itunes

Tracklist :

1. Love of a Father
2. Rising Son
3. Silent Scream
4. Officer
5. Tonight
6. Stardust
7. Mother Angel
8. Wedding Day
9. Born To Love
10.United States of Africa
11.Fallen Soldier

Mark Balet  is a reggae fusion artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. His new album, Born to Love, is lively and threaded with an innovative musical fusion of Reggae and Rock that appeals to diverse groups of listeners; a unique, intelligible and harmonious amalgamation that uplifts, intrigues and inspires the listener. The exquisite vocals of Mark Balet are a warm, rich and creamy blend of strength and sensitivity, ingrained with deep meaning, infused with sincerity, and sprinkled with a gentle rasp. His writing style is purposefully profound with explicit intent to deliver a meaningful and worthwhile principle message sweeping the listener through a life-journey. His debut album “Born to Love” is coming out July the 15th 2014.

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